High Power LED Floodlight - Ledsion Canada
High Power LED Floodlight - Ledsion Canada

High Power LED Floodlight

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High Power Projector
LED Floodlights are designed to replace energy-consuming metal halide or HID (sodium or metal halide) floodlights. Thanks to their very high efficiency, LED spotlights allow you to make significant savings and reduce your carbon footprint.
Very versatile, these fixtures are ideal for several outdoor applications such as facade, landscape, garden, park, public places, residential complexes, commercial buildings, parking lots and much more.
  • Patented 3-dimensional heat sink providing exceptional heat dissipation;
  • DLC certification giving access to various support programs
  • Hydro-Quebec
  • Protection class IP65 (shock and weather resistant)
  • Reliable power supplies
  • Stainless steel hardware avoiding any form of rust;
  • Body painted by an electrophoresis process preventing the appearance of rust;
  • Easy angle adjustment offering great versatility
  • 4mm scratch-resistant tempered glass cover protecting the illuminating surface from possible breakage.
    Power (W) Operating voltage (V) SKU DLC # lumens
    100W 120V FLCN-100W-120V-50K N/A 12000
    150W 120V FLCN-150W-120V N/A 18000

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